July 4, 2021

10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls In The World

by Barbie

The World Goes Crazy

Sexy Barbie doll

Every collector will eventually think about how much his collection of dolls is worth. And another interesting question arises about how much his collection will cost after a while. Today we want to show you dolls, the price of which has reached the maximum.

10. Doll Golden Barbie from Bob Mackie – $ 1200

The dress of this collectible designer Barbie doll is hand-embroidered with 5 thousand gold scales.

Sexy Barbie doll

This is the first collectible Barbie created by designer Bob Mackie. The latest of them was the Barbie Doll by Bob Mackie, the princess dreamer, released last year .

Barbie doll from Bob Maki princess dreamer

Sexy Barbie doll

9. Barbie doll Sweet dreams # 2 Brunette – $ 5,500

This is a very rare version of one of the first Barbies, and while not a collectible doll, it is prized for its age and limited edition.

Sexy Barbie doll

8. Barbie doll from Lorraine Schwartz Barbie with jewelry (Bling Barbie) – $ 7,500

Lorraine Schwartz, a well-known jewelry designer, has of course endowed her collectible Barbie doll with $ 25,000 worth of diamond jewelry. But the doll still costs three times less. And such paradoxes happen in the collectible Barbie market.

Sexy Barbie doll

7. Doll Gala A Bend Barbie – $ 13,673

This Barbie doll was released in 1965 exclusively for Europe and Japan. Designer – Anne-Marie Crivelli – dressed the doll in the most expensive outfit of all the French collection Barbie dolls.

Sexy Barbie doll

6. Barbie Doll Pink Diamond – $ 15,000

Famed design duo Philip and David Blond have created the One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) Pink Diamond Barbie doll. This glamorous lady made her debut at the Blons Show at New York Fashion Week in 2013.

Sexy Barbie doll

And here is her twin doll Barbie Diamond Blonde, released in the Gold Label, i.e. its circulation is 1000 – 25000 copies all over the world, therefore it costs much less. Perhaps this will change, though.

5. Barbie Doll Midnight-Red – $ 17,000

A rare version of a Barbie doll in a red outfit. The Midnight-Red doll was released in 1965 and was kept in a private collection until 2010. No one expected to see such an amount at auction at Christie’s, despite the rarity of the outfit.

Sexy Barbie doll

4. Original 1959 Barbie doll – $ 27,450

Collectible Barbies have only been in production since 1979, but vintage dolls are also becoming collectibles. So the high price for this Barbie doll is understandable because this is one of the dolls of the very first release. The price indicated is for a doll in perfect condition.

Sexy Barbie doll

If you like the first Barbie look, you can get a modern version of the  black and white bathing suit Barbie doll that Mattel released last year for the eternal doll’s 55th birthday:

 3. Barbie Doll 40th Anniversary DeBeers – $ 85,000

The appearance of this collectible Barbie, created for the 40th anniversary of the jewelry company DeBeers, is probably one of the most unusual, like her outfit. The most delicious highlight of the doll flaunts her waist: a white gold belt with 160 diamonds.

Sexy Barbie in an oriental dress. Barbie Belly dance

2. Barbie doll and the Diamond Castle – $ 94,800

Rather, the only collectible Barbie, which was part of the advertising campaign of the film of the same name, costs so much. And it is not surprising, because 318 diamonds weighing 20.66 carats were used in this pink princess dress: 44 stones on the dress, the rest in jewelry on the doll’s body. By the way, the jewelry itself is made of white gold.

Sexy Barbie doll

And finally, number 1!

 1. Barbie doll Stefano Canturi – $ 302,000

This is the most expensive Barbie collection doll today – it was created in a single copy by jewelry designer Stefano Canturi. Barbie Stefano Canturi wears a rare 1-carat pink Australian diamond and 3-carat white diamonds necklace and a diamond ring on her right hand. The doll was sold at Christie’s in 2010, and all proceeds went to breast cancer research.

Sexy Barbie doll

 We hope you enjoyed watching the ladies of the elite collectible Barbie dolls. Although, of course, the price is not the most important thing in a collectible doll. The Cdolls.ru store believes that, first of all, the doll should bring pleasure. And its price will grow over time, let it be a nice addition. What we certainly wish for your collection!