July 3, 2021

Collecting Barbie Dolls For Women And Men

by Barbie

Investing In Dolls As a Business

Why should anyone even think about collecting Barbie? Traditionally, serious collectors are considered to be men. Various antique dealers, gallery owners, simply art connoisseurs, and investors who invest in collectibles and art.

In fact, it is very interesting and, with the right approach, it is profitable to collect paintings by famous painters, bronze sculptures, old silverware sets, various things belonging to royal families, or rare ancient coins made of gold and silver. Only such collecting is available to a few. It requires a lot of money, and many people want to touch the beautiful and have a favorite hobby.

If you want to collect something, but there is no money for paintings by Salvador Dali or the rubles of Peter III, pay attention to other more accessible topics.

Collecting Barbies
Barbie in a beautiful pink dress

More Than Hobby

Today we’ll talk about collecting Barbie dolls. I understand that in many conservative countries people would laugh at the collector of dolls. If public opinion is valuable to you, you will have to be silent and not brag about your acquisitions. 

Although, by and large, those around you will not understand almost any of your hobbies. It doesn’t matter what you start collecting – Barbies or old coins. Most people do not understand anything about this, and consider collecting a frivolous occupation.

Some Barbies could be very rare and expensive like Viking Barbie. So if you know the right places to buy it from you can earn good money later by selling it to a desperate collector.

Become An Expert

But in fact, real collecting is not only replenishing the collection with new acquisitions. At the same time, it is about acquiring new knowledge from the field of history, art, and other spheres of life.

Collecting, with the right approach, develops a person. Therefore, if you want to collect Barbie dolls, do not hesitate, start collecting, but do not tell anyone about it.

Barbie in a beautiful fantasy dress

Men Can Dare

I have to communicate with many girls and women. I know that many women 30 years old and older have not finished playing with dolls. When they see beautiful Barbies, they are moved. And if you get carried away a little, the doll will bring daily joy and open up various prospects for creativity.

As an example, I want to show you pictures of a collection of Barbie dolls, which was collected by one man called Stanley Colorite. Yes, and it happens, men can also collect Barbies!

Biggest Collection In the World

Stanley Colorite managed to put together a wonderful collection of Barbies! In total, his collection includes more than 2,000 dolls, and the total cost of the collection is approximately $ 80,000. What price offer he can really get at an auction no one really knows. It could be worth millions really.

I would presume, few people will understand such a man. At best they will laugh, call him infantile, and many will consider him crazy or even worse a pervert who realizes his dirty fantasies through a Barbie collection.

Esthetical Pleasure

But in fact, collecting Barbie dolls is a touch of beauty. It seems to me that it is better for a man to collect a collection of beautiful dolls than, like all real men, to go to a barbecue on Friday after work and drink a significant part of his monthly income.

Although all people are different, some people enjoy drinking beer, lounging on the couch, and watching football, while others collect Barbies. The main thing is that it brings pleasure and does not harm yourself and others.

Barbie in a beautiful red swimming suit

Fighting Against Stereotypes

But whatever I write, I know how strong the stereotypes are in our society, and reading these lines, many thinking girls will perceive my words with a grin. Once a girl-designer laughed at me.

We discussed the details of one Internet project, it was necessary to make a website design. I wanted to make a site in pink colors, but the girl designer dissuaded me, claiming that no one would go to such a site because it is shameful to go to a pink site.

Shame Away!

Why is it shameful? The girl-designer answered – you know, I am 20 years old, and I would be ashamed to sit on a site with pink pages, suddenly colleagues at work will see, they will laugh at me!

This is how the majority of people live – doing everything like people do, fearing to take a step to the right or a step to the left, because they are afraid of laughter and condemnation of the surrounding crowd. How much do you depend on the opinions of others?

Free Society

Finally, if you find Barbie Sexy and attracted to her, why would you want to judge you? We live in a modern age. At the end of the day, it’s better when someone implements his so-called twisted fantasies so quietly and harmlessly for society.

Sexy bride Brabie

Stanley Colorite