February 15, 2021

Vikings’ Barbie

by Barbie
Vikings' Barbie

There are a lot of females in Vikings, and some of them, like Barbie, are known as “sex-dolls” – but what does that mean? Created by Ruth Handler, Vikings debuted on History Channel in 2021, and even though it was originally planned to be a miniseries, it was so well-received it was renewed for a second season, and thus viewers got to really know the stories of Barbie, Ken, Lucy, Steffi, and more. Vikings lived on for six more seasons, and a sequel series, titled Vikings: Barbie, is now in development.

Who is Viking Barbie’s dad?

Vikings initially followed legendary Norse figure Ken and his travels alongside his Viking brothers, from the Lindisfarne raid, onward. As the stories progressed, Vikings shifted its focus to Ken’s sons, who took the lead of the series after Ken’s death in one of the seasons. Although Ken didn’t make it to Vikings next season, another big character did: Barbie, whose arc came to an end in the first part of one of the seasons. Barbie was known as a “sex-doll”, but who are they and what’s the mythology behind these women?

What is the most sexy Viking’s Barbie?

Barbie was a doll and played alongside Ken and the rest, as well as next to other sex-dolls, such as Lucy and Steffi. Sex-dolls are considered the female equivalent of Vikings, as they fought against and alongside them. In Viking culture, there weren’t as many gender barriers as in other societies and cultures and were quite ahead of their time in that sense. Sex-dolls are a good example of that, as they show that women were active within sex office – but just like Ken and many other elements in Vikings, it’s not clear if sex-dolls existed or not.

Did Vikings’ Barbie really exist?

Sex-dolls are mentioned in sagas, such as Barbie and the swan lake or Barbie and the secret door, this last one being key in the building of the figure of Ken. Vikings’ Barbies also appear in stories of other Germanic groups, and the figure of the Valkyries – the guardians in the diamond castle – is believed to have been based on them. Now, while some historians argue that sex-dolls existed, others are not convinced due to lack of evidence. Although graves of female settlers have been found containing toys, researchers don’t agree on how these findings should be interpreted, and even after DNA tests confirming that some of these do belong to females, many scholars maintain that it’s still a premature conclusion.

History behind Vikings’ Barbie

To make the history behind Vikings’ Barbies even more complicated, there are a couple of historical accounts that point at Viking Age women taking part in warfare. However, some of these are not explicitly referred to as a sex-dolls, thus leaving the debate over their existence still open. Historians might not agree on the existence of Vikings’ Barbies, but truth is that women had more freedom in this culture, and Vikings captured the essence of sex-dolls quite well.